About Us

Since 1967,

Tectron Engineering Co. has designed and manufactured high quality industrial metal detectors, providing superior tramp metal protection for our customers equipment and products. Our strength is our wide-ranging experience and proven performance in solving difficult applications. Tectron is well known for its positive customer service as well as being a leader in metal detection.

In January 2007, Tectron moved from Orange County California to Jacksonville, Florida.

We have the application knowledge, field service experience and design capability to solve tough metal detection problems.

Challenging and ever changing application requirements have led to the development of many models, each with unique features and capabilities. Whether your application needs are simple or complex, one of our models will suit your needs. Standard units are available with minimum lead-time. If your needs are more difficult, our applications staff will design a system to meet your special requirements. We also offer a variety of accessories to enhance your detection system.

With this experience, comes the recognition that many problems in metal detection are due to installation issues. As a result, we focus on helping the customer with the installation through our dealers, representatives and our field service activities. Focusing on our customer’s application requirements and installation needs is paramount to our success.

Our Mission

Provide prompt solutions to your metal detection requirements.

Since designing metal detectors is our only business, we must do it right!