Model 8050

Specialty Metal Detector 8050

The Model 8050 has the unique ability to detect and discriminate between non-magnetic & magnetic, tramp metals. The model 8050 was originally designed at the request of mines handling magnetic ore that were previously unable to use magnets to remove tramp metal because the magnets also removed their magnetic ore. Unlike a typical metal detector, the model 8050 is designed to be installed BEFORE the magnet. When magnetic metal is detected, a timed relay is activated which is commonly used to power up a magnet to remove the metal. This allows the magnet to operate at very low power when there is no metal present, and only power up to remove If non-magnetic tramp metal is detected. A separate relay activates which can stop the belt for manual removal.

Additionally the model 8050 has an “oversize” adjustment that if it detects a piece of magnetic metal too large for the magnet to remove, the model 8050 can stop the belt. This is useful for stopping things like wear plates from primary crushers. The model 8050 provides the most comprehensive protection available for customers handling magnetic ore.

Tectron engineers design a custom or semi-custom detector that is specifically suited to the customer’s unique installation, requirements. The antennas can be installed on chutes, conveyors or troughs. Our flexibility at the design stage makes the Model 8050 a particularly good choice when retrofitting a unit in an existing installation.

Features Benefits
Able to discriminate between magnetic and non-magnetic metal Works with a magnet to remove tramp metal from magnetic materials
Field Replaceable, Microprocessor based electronics Simple to service and maintain with replaceable boards
Potentiometers for adjusting sensitivity Easy to operate
Function, Metal and Fault Indication LED’s Always know the status of your metal detector
Self test circuit Simplified troubleshooting by automatically diagnosing problem
Adjustable Frequency Airborne interference can be eliminated
Rugged Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) frame and antennas Able to withstand the harshest environments
Three year warranty Ensures long life of reliable service