Specialty Metal Detectors

Specialty Metal Detection Equipment


Our specialty metal detectors include Magnetic & Non Magnetic Metal Detection, Long Object & Roof Bolts Metal Detection, Large Aperture & Whole Log Metal Detection, and Road Scan Metal Detection Equipment.

Specialty Metal Detector 8050

Discriminator Magnetic & Non Magnetic Metal Detection Equipment

Has the unique ability to detect and discriminate between nonmagnetic and magnetic tramp metals. Typically, the Model 8050 is installed on a conveyor system in conjunction with a magnetic separator. The detector can be set to detect all nonmagnetic tramp metals and those pieces of magnetic tramp metal, which are too large for or missed by the magnet.


Specialty Metal Detector 6000

Long Object & Roof Bolts Metal Detection Equipment

Designed to prevent conveyor belt piercing by long rods (such as roof bolts) or jamming of the transfer point, the Model 6000 selectively detects long metal objects of a given diameter and length as well as normal tramp metals greater than the given rod diameter. As with most Tectron units, the detector is also compatible with fabric or steel cord conveyor belts, and belts with metal splices.

Specialty Metal Detector 9100

Large Aperture & Whole Log Metal Detection Equipment

The Model 9100 is designed for applications where large sensing apertures and high metal sensitivity are required. It is particularly suited to scanning whole logs on conveyors or chutes. The Model 9100 has shielded receiver and transmitter antennae to minimize interference from surrounding metal and airborne electrical transmissions.

Specialty Metal Detector Road Scan 

Road Scan Metal Detection Equipment for contractors and paving projects

The Road Scan metal detector was designed to allow contractors to scan for metallic objects buried beneath asphalt to help protect cold planers, and more accurately bid road re-paving projects. The Road Scan is able to scan across a full lane width, and detect large metallic objects (manhole covers, water main covers, rail & trolley tracks) to up to 12” deep.