Model 100

Tramp Metal Detectors

The Tectron® Tramp Metal Detector Model 100, when installed on a conveyor system, provides protection to downstream processing equipment by detecting the presence of potentially damaging metal objects. The model 100 can detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and can even be used on belts containing metallic repair clips or splices with our optional clip detector. The lightweight construction makes it easy to assemble and install without special tools or the need to cut the belt, and the field replaceable, microprocessor based controls are easy to operate and maintain. A self test circuit activates a fault light and dry contact to alert the operator if there is ever a problem with the detector, so you’ll never have to wonder if your detector is operating properly.

The aperture on this industrial metal detection equipment can be adjusted up to 23.5” to accommodate burden heights of up to 19.5”, and the flexible design allows the detector aperture to be moved in the field for changing plant conditions.

Pulse Industrial Metal Detection Equipment

Tramp Metal Detector Features Tramp Metal Detector Benefits
+  Trip/Coast counter & Totalizing Counter +  Always know number of metal pieces per trip and total number of detections
+  Field Replaceable, Microprocessor based electronics +  Simple to service and maintain with replaceable boards
+  32 Digit LED display with bar graph for metal indication +  Easy to read and operate
+  Function, Metal and Fault LED’s +  Always know the status of your metal detector
+  Self test circuit with false alarm indicators +  Simplified troubleshooting by automatically diagnosing problem
+  EEPROM stored system parameters +  System settings can be swapped between electronics, no need to re-program
+  Three level password protection +  Prevent unauthorized access to key settings and function
+  Adjustable Frequency +  Airborne interference can be eliminated
+  Rugged Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) frame and antennas +  Able to withstand the harshest environments
+  Three year warranty +  Ensures long life of reliable service