New DMD25 Metal Detector

Tectron Engineering’s New DMD25 Pulse Metal Detection Equipment

Press Release 06/08/2016

Tectron Engineering of Jacksonville, FL is pleased to announce the release of our New DMD25 Metal Detector. This new detector is replacing the 5500 E1 Metal Detector which has long been recognized as the highest sensitivity pulse inductive eddy current metal detector available for the Mining & Aggregate Industries.

The DMD25 Pulse Metal Detection Equipment offers enhanced filtering to help prevent false detection from external sources of interference like variable speed drives. The detector includes self-test circuits which monitor the function of the metal detector and if a problem arises, will switch an output relay to alert operators the metal detector is not working. The DMD25 provides multiple output configurations to provide flexibility in integrating the metal detector into your plant control system. Integral trip and total metal counters with date and time logs give you the data needed to assess and fix your metal contamination problem.

Additionally the DMD25 Metal Detector’s controls are backwards compatible and can be purchased alone to upgrade an existing 5500E1 Metal Detector. The DMD25 is the new gold standard in high sensitive pulse eddy current metal detection.

Tectron will be displaying the new DMD25 Metal Detection Equipment at the Minexpo Show in Las Vegas in September 2016, Booth #6008.

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