Metal Detection Equipment

Industrial Metal Detectors

Tectron® industrial metal detection is designed to protect downstream equipment from costly damage caused by tramp metal contamination. All Tectron metal detectors are able to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. We have a full range of detectors with varying sensitivities to handle almost any application. We also offer a full line of accessories, such as marking devices to mark the location of the tramp metal for easy removal, and clip detectors to allow metallic belt clips/splices to pass without tripping the metal detector.

All Tectron® Metal Detection Equipment can be installed easily without cutting the belt, and we offer a 3 year warranty, so you can be sure they will provide years of service in the harshest environments.


Industrial Metal Detectors

Industrial Metal Detectors

Industrial Metal Detection Equipment

Specialty Metal Detection Equipment

   Tectron provides metal detection equipment for multiple industry segments:
Mining & Aggregate
Wood & Whole Log


Power Plants